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As a family-owned business, cousins ShaRhae and Shanae have always appreciated the importance of capturing memories. When they were young children, both their fathers would go the extra mile to take family photos during vacations, holidays, and milestone moments. While growing up is inevitable, the common phrase that “memories fade” is all too real for many families. Although they’re grateful to have photos of their childhood, technology has made it possible to capture life’s pleasures in a whole new way. In an effort to offer more than a single camera shot to a party or event, ShaRhae and Shanae began Photolock LLC in 2021. Even after the 2020 pandemic, their dream of opening a photo booth business was still able to accommodate both in-person and online clientele. By incorporating virtual booth services in addition to their innovative 360 photo booth experience, Photolock offers everything an event needs to bring excitement and entrainment into any gathering.

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